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2001-11-01 AmboseliSun

For school-going children in the rural areas, the lack of grid-based electricity means that they cannot read or do their homework after dark.

Once darkness falls, they struggle to read under the weak light of a candle or a smoky paraffin lamp that is shared with the entire family. Poor lighting strains the eyes, and fumes emitted by a paraffin lamp or firewood are known to affect respiratory organs.

Fortunately, Kenya is blessed with hours of bright sunshine that can be harnessed to make the day last longer. Solar energy technology has developed to a point where powerful and long-lasting sources of light are readily available.

 2012-01-05 Betty Lamps

Blessed sun has been distributing the IKEA SUNNAN lamp on loan to pupils of the upper 3 classes of primary school in Kenya, with astounding results. 

Reading lamp


A lamp user's story 

The first thing is to thank the teacher and the professor because of introducing the solar lamps. I thank them very much because the solar lamp has helped me a lot I can now do my homework very well. When I went with it home my parents were very happy as well. They were no longer to buy paraffin they only bought paraffin for the kitchen. We are able to save money.

Thank you, I can now do my studies well initially sometimes there would be no paraffin and I could fail do my work. I am taking care of it very well and aim at higher marks 350 and above.

- Evans Mbogo M.
Betty Academy Class 7

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