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Mission: to capture the Kenyan sun

2001-11-01 AmboseliSun

 Located right under the Equator, Kenya enjoys long hours of bright sunshine throughout the year. Unfortunately, despite all the sunshine, most of the country becomes pitch dark once the sun goes down. 

Our mission is to capture Kenya’s sunshine and make it work for the people. 

For school-going children in the rural areas, the lack of light means that they cannot read or do their homework after dark. Once darkness falls, they struggle read under the weak light of a candle or a smoky paraffin lamp that is shared with the entire family. Poor lighting strains the eyes, and fumes emitted by a paraffin lamp or firewood are known to affect respiratory organs.

 2012-01-05 Betty Lamps


Blessed Sun would like to partner with you to provide children with a personal lamp, as the beginning of a learning process that will set them off on the path to independence with alternative energy.