Power in your hands!

Darkness falls in rural Kenya. A child struggles to read by the weak light of a smoky paraffin lamp, straining the eyes and damaging the lungs.


  1. Give the child a light
  2. Beat the black-outs
  3. Educate on solar energy

Blessed Sun distributes solar lamps on loan to pupils in Kenya, with astounding results!


  • Mwea at dusk

  • Githiga teachers getting a lamp demo

  • Green wheels!

  • Reading by IKEA SUNNAN lamp

  • Look, I have a lamp!

  • The ladies of Betty Academy carry their hot-water system

  • Solar lab demo on Betty's Open Day, 27-2-2015

  • Got mischief on my mind

Solar lamps

A lamp user's Story

"The first thing is to thank the teacher and the professor because of introducing the solar lamps.

I thank them very much because the solar lamp has helped me a lot I can now do my homework very well. When I went with it home my parents were very happy as well. They were no longer to buy paraffin they only bought paraffin for the kitchen. We are able to save money.

Thank you, I can now do my studies well initially sometimes there would be no paraffin and I could fail do my work. I am taking care of it very well and aim at higher marks 350 and above."

Solar water

Solar water-heating system

Betty Academy Mbeere, 27th. February 2014, Open Day.

The solar-water heating system was finally installed and operational. Pupils delighted in demonstrating the various parts of the solar project to their parents.

There was great interest in the 200 liter flat-panel hot water system. It was intentionally installed in the school quadrangle so that children and visitors could touch and feel it and get a practical experience of the sun's energy.

The hot water is highly valued and is used daily for washing, saving the school a great deal of firewood.

Solar education

A working solar-lab

Blessed Sun's vision is to embed solar education in the school curriculum, so that the pupils get a life-long appreciation of the sun's potential in providing renewable energy.

We achieve this by providing a learning environment where small experiments with solar electricity can be carried out, and also by equipping a classroom in the school with a functional solar-powered back-up that can serve the examination candidate class.

Betty Academy's solar lab and solar-powered classroom were completed on February 13th., 2015. As luck would have it, grid power failed that same evening and the students went on studying while the whole township of Kiritiri was in darkness!

This is what Prof. Nguru had to say on an SMS message after attending a lesson in the lab:

"Good morning, I hope that you have woken up well and your family is well too. I just witnessed a Science lesson on electricity and magnetism in the Solar room taught by Mr. Kariuki the Headteacher. Both the teacher and the pupils were very excited. As long as they live, it is unlikely that they will forget the things that they learnt today. Thank you for the Solar Power Project."